Tartan & Sequins: Girl Crush of the Week - Marguerite Walters

September 7, 2012
Thanks to Tartan & Sequins for this amazing spread! 

Literally the moment I came across Marguerite Walters, and her insanely adorable aesthetic (chronicled via her blog, Such Good Style) red flashing lights that spelled "GIRL CRUSH!!!" went off in my head. Instantly, Marguerite felt both familiar and aspirational in a way that I think only girls can comprehend.

Even though Marguerite didn't go to Miami, since I know we have an amazing Miami alum readership that will totally appreciate this, I'm going equate discovering Such Good Style with seeing the most adorable girl walk past you on Slant Walk (to non-Miami friends - the Slant Walk is the main sidewalk that cuts diagonally across campus and is essentially a catwalk for beautiful preps) and shamelessly turning around 180 degrees to check out her boots, jeans, belt, flawless haircut, and killer tan. Since I was born without an internal system of social impulse control, I shamelessly do a double take when I see a girl with great style, but I know that even socially restrained people (call them "cool" if you will) do this when they see a great outfit.

And this is the essence of the Girl Crush feature, no!? To me, our Tartan & Sequins Girl Crush of the Week is ALL about the seizing the moments when you see an uber-chic girl on the street (and let's be honest, these days, the interwebs are our street) and think, I love her! We would totally be friends! And instead of walking by her thinking of the bff montages that might have been...you actually ask her if she wants to go get a drink and you hang for 5 hours and maybe you get friendship bracelets and you probably text each other 15 times a day after that initial friend-date.

Marguerite of Such Good Style is that girl. She is the friend who your Grandmother would adore, but who would also be totally up for Sunday Funday. She effortlessly mixes Chanel, J. Crew, and heirloom family jewelery - she's a girl after our own hearts, and we know you'll be just as obsessed with Marguerite and Such Good Style as we are! 

Style icons? Marguerite Behr (my grandmother), Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Jackie O, Twiggy, and Victoria Beckham.

Design philosophy? I'd classify myself as a mixture of Classic Style and High Fashion. Classic style is chic, simple and elegant while High Fashion clothing requires self knowledge, nerve, and creative spirit. I love pairing them together in a personal and original way.

Favorite book of all time? Anything that Emily Giffin has written. I love all of her books, but my favorite is probably Love the One You're With.

Best advice you ever received? Never leave a good party looking for a better one.

Favorite stores? Tibi, Chanel, Proenza Schouler, JCrew, Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch

Dream place to live? Anywhere near the beach!

The one product you're obsessed with right now? Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara...it's inexpensive and works great!

Biggest indulgence? Online shopping and candy

Girl crush? It’s a tie between Blake Lively and Emma Stone. They both have impeccable and original style that I emulate. 

Favorite song? “This must be the place” by The Talking Heads

Prized possession? My Chanel bag

Motto? Be grateful and graceful.

Best place on earth? Avalon, NJ...it is my happy place!

Favorite drink? Champagne


  1. Thanks so much for allowing us to feature you - you're just adorable and we love both your amazing style and your sparkling personality!
    Lots of love from T&S!

  2. Fabulous!!!
    What a great post on you and I love the Miami references!!!

  3. cute article- congrats!